Turpin Kong Architects Inc. is a corporation formed in January 2015 as a result of the partnering of Sherri Turpin Architect and Janice Kong Architect Ltd.

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Planning Solutions

Your project will receive hands on professional involvement from a registered architect. We listen to your facility requirements and interpret them into functional, attractive and energy efficient buildings. We are proficient in Revit® building information modeling software since 2009 and can illustrate your project 3D.


Architectural Consulting Services

Feasibility Studies or Needs Assessments

In the pre-design phases, we assist in developing the facility program by meeting with the client and other identified stakeholders in order to flesh out the various places and spaces needed, the relationships between the different spaces, and their approximate sizes.

Schematic Design

In the schematic design phase, we review the land use bylaw requirements, analyze the existing site with regards to adjacent relationships, size relative to program, solar exposure, and analyze the project relative to the current Alberta Building Code. We then develop the preferred functional space diagram into floor plans and assist in establishing a preliminary budget based on current construction costs per square foot for similar projects. You can expect to receive a site plan showing the basic building locations, roads, parking and site constraints, floor plans showing the areas and dimensions of each space and the relationships between spaces, building elevations showing openings and materials to be used, and building sections showing relationships between floors and with the exterior. We will provide you with coloured perspective drawings and prepare a schedule for the remainder of the project.

Design Development and Construction Documents

In the design development and construction documents phases, we review the project with various agencies having jurisdiction, and provide administration and scheduling of the project. We take Owner supplied information and integrate it into drawings suitable for construction. We coordinate all disciplines normally including architectural, interior, landscape, structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. These phases also include materials research, development of specifications, and a construction cost update. Detailed drawings once completed will be stamped by all professionals involved ready for submission to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for Building Permit Application.

Tendering Administration

The tendering administration phase includes leading the bidding and negotiations process if tendered for fixed price by general contractor. It also includes project administration, addenda preparation, evaluation of bids, and analysis of alternates or substitutions. We will also prepare the construction contract agreements.

Construction Administration

The construction administration phase includes project scheduling and monitoring during construction. We will conduct and coordinate field observations of the work in progress. If the project is tendered, we will prepare requests for proposals and change orders. At project completion, we review record drawings, operations & maintenance manuals, and conduct a substantial performance review.

Warranty Review

At the completion of the warranty period, we will organize and conduct a review of the building to see if any components require repair or replacement.

Facility Condition Reviews

Facility condition reviews including conducting a walkthrough of an existing facility and preparing a report on the condition of various building components for the purpose of maintenance budgeting or financing.